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Thermostatic Shower Valve Fittings

Thermostatic Shower Valve Fittings

With modern, crisp controls, the Blade thermostatic shower valve uses thermostatic technology to regulate the temperature to avoid scalding, and provides a great flow of water as it only requires 0.1 bar of pressure to operate. Please note: This valve requires a wall cavity of 75mm.

If you want greater control over the temperature of the water in your shower then you need to consider thermostatic shower valves. A shower thermostatic valve works by maintaining the water temperature within one or two degrees of its temperature setting

2 – Before dismantling your old unit, make sure the hot water feed is on the left, and that the cold water feed is on the right. Call a professional if that is not the case. 3 – Prepare parts and tools with close access to the connections. Preparation. 1 – Screw the s union connectors in to your fittings in the wall

This installation guide is for the Twin & Triple Concealed Thermostatic. Shower valves (BUILDCERT Code: VQ20 & 21). It covers the installation, maintenance and operation of the Shower Valve. The Twin & Triple concealed valve is thermostatically regulated by a wax element.

Concealed Shower Valve In Bathroom With Bathroom Installation In Leeds. Introduction. As is often the case, the most minimalist installations with the least visible components often require the most work. This is because it’s often very difficult to make things look simple.

This shower valve is suitable for use with all water supply systems up to a maximum dynamic water pressures of 5 bar (balanced water pressures are desirable for best performance). Pressures above this limit may require the fitting of pressure reducing valves into the incoming mains household water supply.