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Thermostatic Shower Valve Height

Thermostatic Shower Valve Height

When determining the height of your shower head and control valve, always check your local building codes first.

When undertaking home construction projects, always use the right measurements, which will help ensure accuracy and that your project will last a long time. When it comes to installing shower fittings like valves and heads, the height measurement is crucial.

When first fixing for a shower valve what sort of height do you bring them out off the floor? Also what height do you a deluge head?

I started a bathroom today and I’m putting a bar mixer over the new shower bath, I should have stood in the old bath before I ripped it out

I was just curious if there is a standard height on the books for tub spouts, shower valves and shower heads. I usually rough the spout in at 4″ above the tub rim, shower valve 10″ above the spout, and the head at 7 ft from the floor.

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