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Thermostatic Shower Valve How To Clean

Thermostatic Shower Valve How To Clean

If you’re experiencing reduced water flow during your shower, a clogged valve may be the cause. Over time, mineral deposits can build up and prevent your fixture from operating correctly. That lack of efficiency can result in excessive water and energy usage

To clean filters on inlets just follow these instructions (picture A). 1. Shut off water supply to both inlets. 2. Unscrew the mixer from pipeworks by using a 30mm wrench. 3. Remove the filters (1) from union nuts (2). 4. Clean filters with water, In case of limescale build up, leave to soak in vinegar overnight, then rinse with water.

This thermostatic valve is suitable for use with all water systems with a operating … The two open outlets allow for additional fittings (eg Body jets, hand shower) to …. valve and filter. Wash the filter with clean running water, dry and lightly grease the seals.

8. Apply silicon grease (sp-495-0002) with clean hands around all visible black seals as shown below, and avoid contact with foreign objects to keep it clean until refitted. Screw the cartridge back into the bar shower valve. 9. Replace the temperature stop ring (in the position in which it came off).

In thermostatic valves, a temperature is set to the nearest degree and the valve compensates for any changes in hot or cold by limiting the flow of water to either … If you feel that the shower head may be partially blocked, take the shower head off, clean the debris and soak in a 50/50 mixture of water and white vinegar

I have a bristan artisan thermostatic valve installed to my shower. The problem is that when it is turned to max … by htg engineer ยป Sat Apr 12, 2008 8:34 pm. Try removing and cleaning the filters, could be limescale in the filters on the hot water side meaning there’s more cold water than hot getting through.