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Thermostatic Shower Valve Installation

Thermostatic Shower Valve Installation

Before dismantling your old unit, make sure the hot water feed is on the left, and that the cold water feed is on the right. Call a professional if that is not the case. 3 – Prepare parts and tools with close access to the connections.

If you are fitting the thermostatic shower valve into a shower enclosure you can tee into the closest hot and cold pipes, which are often found under floorboards or hidden in a cupboard. You can check which is which by tracing the pipes back from the nearest hot and cold taps.

A thermostatic shower can do several things a regular shower can’t. It adjusts the flow of both hot and … Turn off the water stop flow valves that feed the bathtub or shower. If there are no separate controls, … Now, you’ll need to install the copper piping to feed the thermostatic shower unit.

To ensure you get the very best use from this product, please read this installation guide thoroughly. These shower valves have separate controls for temperature & water flow control, and has been designed for concealed wall installations.

NOTES: Please read these instructions carefully and keep in a safe place for future reference. The installation must comply with all Local/National Water Supply. Authority Regulations/Bye laws and Building and Plumbing Regulations (UK: BS6700). This valve is a mixing device and therefore requires the water supplies to.