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Trapless Shower Drain

Trapless Shower Drain

Am I crazy? Because I am very tall, I’m thinking of draining my shower directly into my grey tank using a trapless drain. Can anyone think why this could not work?

Desperate to put an end to unpleasant and dangerous shower drain odors in your home? The SureSeal shower drain odor control trap sealer is the green solution for shower drain odor removal in your home. Whether you are installing a new shower, renovating an old shower or needing to replace a failed trap primer

Bad odor from shower drain. I need to replace trapless drain. Does anyone know the brand or part number.

Has anyone ever used one of these or something similar in their camper? I am building a CTC and putting in a shower and grey water tank. I was thinking about using this instead of raising the shower floor up high enough for a traditional trap. These are suppose to prevent gas and backflow.

As you can see in the photo, in a bath remodel, our contractor has installed a new shower drain at a new shower stall location so that it drains directly into a new passing toilet drain line without a p-trap in the shower drain line portion. He says there is a baffle of some kind in the reducer portion of the 4″ toilet