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How To Install A Medicine Cabinet Surface Mount

How To Install A Medicine Cabinet Surface Mount

If you are redecorating or remodeling your bathroom, you may want to install a surface mount medicine cabinet. This type of medicine cabinet is easy to install. A surface mount medicine cabinet is good to install in your home if you are a beginner. It’s a good choice for a larger family as they generally are deeper and can …

Most wall-mountable medicine cabinets come with pre-drilled nailing strips already installed at the top and bottom of the cabinet (Image 1). … the exact location where you’ll drill your first mounting hole into the wall, inspect the back of the medicine cabinet to see how far down the pre-drilled holes are located (Image 1).

In this step-by-step guide, we give you detailed instructions on how to install a surface mount medicine cabinet.

Scan the wall with a stud finder. Use a stud finder to locate your wall’s studs, and mark the locations of the studs with a pencil. Bathroom walls can conceal pipes and electrical wires, so you should use caution if your stud finder identifies any other …

Types of Mirrors. Medicine Cabinet. Surface-Mount Mirror — flat mirror that is usually adhered to the wall with adhesive, clips, or cleats. This is the easiest to install. Surface-Mount Mirrored Cabinet — mounts to the surface of the wall with screws. Recessed Mirrored Cabinet — fits inside a recess in the wall. This is a more …

If you encounter either of the latter while inspecting the wall, you should skip this project and instead buy a surface-mounted cabinet. When you know what cabinet you want, you have to settle on its exact placement. A general rule of thumb is that the top of the cabinet box (not the door trim) should be 72 inches off the floor.

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