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Recessed Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Recessed Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Give your medicine cabinet a major makeover in minutes with removable wallpaper!

I present to you – How to strip a metal recessed medicine cabinet!! First things first – What I learned. CitriStrip worked much better/easier than a heat gun in this case, and I tried both. I used the heat gun for the back, which took FOREVER, and CitriStrip for the front & sides. CitriStrip for the win, hands down.

A medicine cabinet is a usually a piece above your bathroom sink or on the wall next to it, where we store some medicines, first aid remedies and maybe som. … 10 Cool DIY Medicine Cabinet Makeovers You’ll Like. 10 diy medicine cabinet makeovers … DIY recessed medicine cabinet (via hertoolbelt).

With a few easy changes from HGTVRemodels, transform your medicine cabinet from drab to fab. … see in the morning. In two hours and with $25 here’s how to wrangle products and glamorize your medicine cabinet. This little change makes a big difference. … Medicine Cabinet Makeover 02:13. Glam up your medicine …

A fun and frugal makeover of an old dingy medicine cabinet. We took a builder basic mirrored medicine cabinet and added classic modern elements to make it fresh and attractive. Here is how to update your bathroom on a tight budget.

The medicine cabinet was old and atrocious and had to be replaced! (That would be my biggest expense.) The door to the shower/toilet area was an out-of-date, white-slated louvered door (shown in the picture above on the left). I had no idea how to replace that so I would have to spruce it up instead.

If you’re looking at your medicine cabinet and thinking it’s time for an update, there’s good news: You don’t necessarily have to replace the entire fixture. … The wall cavity between two studs is the perfect space to fit a recessed medicine cabinet, and it offers lots of leeway when it comes to your desired height and width.

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