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Using A Shower Curtain As Drapes

Using A Shower Curtain As Drapes

Grommet top curtains are my go to choice for window coverings for a few reasons. First, the grommets make sliding the curtain panels open and closed really easy. Second, curtain panels are a great way to add softness, color, or even pattern and texture to a space. But that much fabric has the potential to break the budget …

Last evening, we spent an hour hanging shower curtains on our living room and kitchen windows.

DIY Project Idea: Turn West Elm’s Striped Shower Curtain into Window Drapes … These home bloggers have discovered that the only difference between a shower curtain and a window curtain is the name. … You support us through our independently chosen links, many of which earn us a commission.

I was using a shower curtain liner so the actual fabric would not get wet and ruined. So I knew I had to line up my fabric panel with the grommet rings in the shower liner. I just laid them on the floor, lining up the top edges. How to make a store bought window curtain work as a shower curtain.

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Are you asking about plastic or fabric ones? There is not much difference between fabric window or shower curtains, it is a different method of putting them on a rod, that’s it. As there will be a gap between the rod and the curtain you would have to hang the rod higher, otherwise the light will get in through the gap, you might …

As I mentioned during the reveal, I DIYed (technically not really a word, but you got it) my shower curtain using two window drapery panels (a.k.a. curtains), and now I’m going to show you how. I had found these curtain panels a while ago and they were basically the inspiration for the space and everything I …

I know it’s odd to use shower curtains as regular curtains, but I always try keep as much money in my pocket if I can. If you don’t have time, patience, and like to draw or color, then you can buy curtains with a design on them already.

DIY: Shower Curtain to Window Curtain. When we were first married I went through some serious decorating problems. But then again, who doesn’t? You’re caught in limbo, trying to weld her style and his style together, combined with your mama’s style, because that’s what you grew up with.

The only bummer about using a shower curtain is that they are shorter than other curtains (especially when you have to cut off an inch and a half of a lousy button hole job off the top!) I would have loved for them to be floor length.

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